MajorStage Interviews: @Dark_ATM

by Twin on July 30, 2012

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MajorStage Interviews Dark on his upcoming projects, marketing, team hot, and more


MajorStage Interviews: @SpoatMusic

by Twin on July 24, 2012

Emerging Florida rapper Spoat’s music has been featured on Major Stage and we’ve been so impressed with the quality of his music we have invited him to headline our August 8th show in New York City.

If you know about us then you know that we also organize one of the most reputable concert series in America, the Overtime Concert Series.

With that said, many rappers get on stage just rap, however, a truly talented artist knows how to work the stage and manipulate the audience’s emotions. When an artist can instigate a back-and-forth cacophony between them and the crowd it is the ultimate in performance standards.

Major Stage recently got a chance to talk with spoke, and the topic was live performance. Read what this homie had to say about his stage game.

What’s up Spoat, tell the readers where you’re from….
Yo what up, I’m from South Florida, Hollywood – Liberia homie!

Now if you are not aware we organize concerts for independent artists in various cities throughout the country. With that in mind, where have you performed?
I’ve perform all around Miami in different clubs; downtown Miami, Club Cinema in Broward, South Beach, strip clubs like Cocos and K.O.D. I also did shows in Florida City, Port St. Lucy, and Atlanta just to name a few.

We have you booked to perform in New York City on August 8, what can our Hip Hop fans expect to see and hear when they go to Spoat perform?
What you can definitely expect is a great show and some good music. When I hit that stage I transform in a spit second into a burst of energy – it’s like a supernova [laughs].

What do you believe are the most important aspects of performing? What should fans walk away saying about your performance and how do you go about executing that?
I believe the most important aspects of putting on a good show is performing with confidence, connecting with the crowd through some back-and-forth dialogue, and working the stage so the crowd knows you’re excited to be out there for them.

I think after people see my performance they’ll walk away saying they like Spoat, “That young dude go hard, he got talent, he dope.” The way I go about executing all of this is simply riding my confidence like a wave. Making people step into my world and feel my energy.

Are there any artists who you look at as great performers? What makes them great to you? Do you try to emulate anything about their performances?
I don’t really look at too many artists as great performers beside Michael Jackson, and if I was to say I emulate anything for him, its being able to bring anyone into your world to feel your energy. But I love watching everybody perform; it just motivates me to come harder.

How do you feel when you are about to perform? Are you nervous when you hit the stage? At what point do the butterflies go away?
One minute I’m nervous, the next minute I’m turned up ready to attack the stage, and then the butterflies come back again. When I hear my music all that goes away, by this time I’m feeling my high and I feel flawless on stage. I begin feeling like I’m the dude people in the building came to see or the dude people should be paying attention to.

Let’s talk a bit about what you have lined up. We’ve featured two songs off your recent mixtape Spoat Illustrated which are fire. What can we expect to hear on volume 2 of the mixtape series? When will it drop?
I appreciate the love from, and everybody can expect Spoat Illustrated Issue Two in August sometime. I’m almost finished recording the mixtape. You can expect to hear more different concepts, crazy beats, crazy lyrics and features from Point Blank City and the Boss Grind fam.

Tell the people where they can find your music and reach you.
Go download Spoat Illustrated the mixtape on DatPiff.


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