Eazie Da God

by Twin on February 19, 2013

MajorStage performance History

       April 2012 – Overtime Concert Series – Featured Artist

     Jan 2013 – Independent 6ix concert – Headliner

     Feb 2013 – Independent 6ix Concert – Headliner


Eazie was born in S.I. New York , but raised in Brooklyn , he also has lived all down the East Coast. From Philly, V.A, Orlando, Miami, Etc.. and finally residing back in New York. Eazie was always the center of attention growing up, rapping was something he did on his free time. As a youth Eazie was a class clown and the kid who played sports in school. Around the age of 13 Eazie began to realize that rapping wasn’t just something he wanted to do on his free time but that he LOVED to do it. Older people would tell him “Don’t talk about it, just follow your dream.” Despite the fact that when your parents asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” you couldn’t say “I want to be a rapper”, because their response would be ”You better stay in school.” So Eazie decided to follow his dream, he finished school and surrounded himself around people who where inspired by music as well. Eazie continued to work hard and slowly but surely started recording and making connections in the industry. He began to notice that his family was interested in his music so he started to connect more with his family. As recently as Janruary 2nd Eazie released a mixtape titled ”Run that Beat” available on DatPiff.com and previously releasing a mixtape titled “It’s My Turn”also available on datpiff.com. Eazie has also done collaborations with other upcoming artist as well as shows in his area. He also has music videos to some of his tops songs from each mixtape on his youtube channel. This is just the beginning, there is much more to come and very soon so be on the look out.




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